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7 Amazing Reception Alternatives

Not everyone is a dancer and that’s ok! While a lively dance floor may be a good fit for some crowds, not everyone loves to dance and party all night. You know yourselves and your guests best and you should have a wedding reception that will be most enjoyable for you and reflective of who you are as a couple. Here are some ideas for equally entertaining receptions!

1. Trivia Game(s)

The trivia can cover anything from your favorite shows, movies or even facts about yourself!

2. Yard Games or Other Fun Competitions

3. Silent Disco

4. Carnival Rides

5. Adult Jump Houses

6. Cigar Rolling

7. Relaxed Background Music and Musicians while Mingling

You can also combine any of these experiences for a memorable and enjoyable night!

We hope this gave you some ideas for hosting a fun and unique reception! Check back in or subscribe for more ideas and information to help plan your next event!

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