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How to Build a Timeline

Step 1: Ceremony Timing

Start your ceremony 1 1/2 or 2 hours before sunset. This way, your post-ceremony formal photos will take place during “Golden Hour.” Ask your photographer if they have recommendations based on your venue and timeline.

Step 2: The 4-5-1 Rule

We encourage you to follow the 4-5-1 rule. This includes a four hour set up, a five hour event, and a 1 hour breakdown. We’ve found 5-hours is the perfect length of time for an event. Many vendor contracts default to a 5 hour event as well. A shorter event will likely have less dancing time. A longer event could result in you paying vendors for extra time and not having guests there to enjoy it.

Step 3: After Party

If five hours does not feel long enough, book an after party or share an after party location with your guests. You won’t have to pay your vendors the extra time or worry about low attendance at your Send Off.

We hope this gave you some useful tips on crafting your timeline. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas and information to help plan your next event!

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