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Unexpected Costs

1. Alterations

Reserve an extra $500 - $1000 in your budget for wedding attire alterations.

2. Delivery and Pick Up Fees

Review your venue’s accessibility time and inform your vendors of acceptable, arrival, delivery or pick-up times. Vendors may not be allowed to drop off orders the day before or come back the next day to pick up items such as rentals or equipment. Same day delivery and pick up, or early morning delivery and late night pick up windows could cost more. Be sure your contracts with vendors are set to be in and out within the venue's contracted time.

3. Tips

Tips are commonplace and appreciated for event staff and wedding professionals. Your planner or coordinator can inform you of the industry standards for tips.

4. Hotel Blocks

There are two kinds of Hotel Blocks. These consist of Complementary or Blocks with Attrition. Booking a hotel block with attrition means you will have to pay a fee for unreserved rooms in your hotel block.

We hope this gives you useful information on unexpected costs you may run into while planning your wedding. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas and information to help plan your next event!

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