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Wedding Myths

1. Friendors

  • Myth: Friends who provide services (also known as friendors) are more trustworthy.

  • Answer: We've seen plenty of botched ceremonies, poor-quality photos and video footage, and cakes that don't hold up, literally. Protect your overall investment by supporting local wedding professionals.

2. Free Tastings

  • Myth: Tastings are free

  • Answer: This is mostly false. While some caterers may still offer free tastings, we're seeing this to be less common.

3. Quotes Reserve Your Date

  • Myth: A quote reserves your date.

  • Answer: Unless there is a deposit and a contract signed by both you and the vendor, nothing is locked in.

4. Wedding Tax

  • Myth: Vendors charge more because it is a wedding.

  • Answer: That is false. The materials cost the same no matter where they're being used, and we put the same amount of work and effort into social and corporate events.

5. Planning is Stressful

  • Myth: Planning is stressful.

  • Answer: That is not true! Planning is fun, especially when you hire a good planner or coordinator. Planning should be an enjoyable experience you and your partner will treasure and remember as you build your life together.

We hope this gave you some helpful answers to common wedding myths. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas, information, tips, and tricks to help plan your next event!

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