Our Mission

Blue Events & Co. is a unique wedding planning company based out of Austin, Texas. Our business model was created to be an option for all couples. Regardless of the budget, religion, gender, or vision; we want to serve you. 


We staff in person planners for the Texas Hill Country area, and Houston, Texas.

We are the first wedding planning company to service virtually nation wide! 

Our goal is to make your next event absolutely flawless.

We have created 3 different styles of planning: Elite Full Service Planning , All-Inclusive Packages, and Virtual Planning.

Our packages allow our clients to stay organized and be as hands on or off as they'd like. 

We are different than most planners.

We have perfected the outline of the wedding planning process and have created a formula on how to create a flawless event. Each package we offer is customized to your unique event, and most follow our rule "six for success".


What is the rule "six for success"? We have outlined how to plan the best day ever in just six days total. 


Blue Events & Co. was originally named, Blue Boot Events.

Though we have grown, and our name has changed, our company still represents our 3-core values:

Southern Hospitality

Top Notch Customer Service

Community Involvement 

Owner + Lead Planner: Amberley Adams-Thomas

"Howdy! I am Amberley Adams-Thomas, the proud owner of Blue Events & Co.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for organizing and executing events. 

I started working with events in 2010. My heart has always belonged to Austin, TX; so in 2011 I made the move from La Porte, TX. Two years later, I completed my AAS in Hospitality Management specializing in Meeting and Events at Austin Community College.

Before creating my first company, Blue Boot Events, I worked on my education and tried to wear every hat possible in the industry. My background is in wedding planning, nonprofit planning, conventions, restaurants, hotels, venues, event rentals, photography, and even wedding dresses. Blue Events & Co. is my life’s calling. It has taken 10-years of experience to build this company, and I could not be more proud of how far my team and I have come.

My daily titles are entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Our family grows and shrinks as we foster children when we are able. Being an introvert working in an extrovert's world, I enjoy to decompress with a good book in my hammock, or tending to my garden and animals at our farmhouse."

Event Planner Assistant: Erin Boeckman

Born in raised in a small farming community in Upstate NY, Erin decided to break out at 18 years old to experience the world. She moved across the country to Silicon Valley, California and earned a BA in Anthropology with Magna Cum Laude Honors from San Jose State University in 2010. She has over 12 years of experience in event management, business operations, and community engagement. She is passionate about helping people create positive and memorable experiences that last a lifetime.


Outside of her career, Erin plays an active role in her community as a mentor for young girls, a non-profit advisory chair, and special needs advocate. She is a marathoner and triathlete who is fueled by a plant-based diet, and she has spent time in Zambia, Africa volunteering as an art therapist and community educator. Her experiences have given her a unique perspective on the individual challenges people face, and she approaches every situation with positivity and compassion.

Event Coordinator: Brian Rudy-Moghaddasi

Brian has worked in special education for four years and enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping students grow to their full potential.

After planning his own wedding with his partner, Brian instantly fell in love with the idea of wedding planning. Getting to plan every detail, meeting and working with the vendors, and making sure the event went off without a hitch reminded him how much he loved the process. His new mission is to help make sure today's couples' big day goes perfectly.

Brian is Texas born in San Antonio and has been in Austin since High School. In his free time, he loves watching movies, spending time with family/friends and trying the best new food in town. He has 4 fur babies; 2 dogs & 2 cats, all 4 rescues locally.

Office Mates: Daisy & Clover

Daisy and Clover are essential team members that help keep the office running smoothly.

Their daily roles include warm snuggles, hopping around the keyboard, and making us laugh. Sometimes they even enjoy making a cameo appearance during virtual meetings. 

Their personalities are polar opposite. Daisy is our sweet and affectionate one who would prefer to spend the day snuggled in your lap. Meanwhile Clover loves to run obstacle courses around the office and testing her boundaries. 

Event Coordinator: Cameron Ripley

Cameron Ripley has traveled all the way from North Carolina, but after five years in Austin she feels as though she has converted in to a true Texan. 

She began pursuing her Bachelor of Economics degree at the University of Georgia and is currently completing her degree here in Austin. 

Cameron has worked in the service industry for nearly a decade and has a passion for hosting and putting on a good party! 

Cameron is a sucker for a great dish and craft cocktail. She is always in the know of the new restaurant or bar on the block. When she is not exploring new destinations in town, she is likely to be experimenting in her kitchen with new recipes, or spending time with her 3 fur babies.

Event Planner: Tatianna Ramon

Tatianna believes the essential elements to a happy life are love, family and fun, all of which she tries to incorporate into each day. Tatianna has always loved celebrations of all kinds but only recently decided to pursue a career in the industry after soul-searching and finding her skills and interests aligned perfectly. 


She started in the hospitality industry working in theme parks during high school and later as a server for a dessert catering company. A graduate of St. Edward's University and current student in the Meeting and Event Planning program at Austin Community College, Tatianna enjoys the challenge of planning and coordinating events and is thankful to join Blue Boot Events in making every occasion special. She also enjoys the creativity, problem solving and teamwork that is required for a flawless event.


In her free time Tatianna enjoys watching films, reading, exploring Austin, traveling and having fun with her family and fiancé.

Event Designer: Rachel Vikstedt

Rachel fell in love with weddings at a young age. Her love for the industry was cemented after she assisted in the planning of a wedding at fifteen years old.


After two years of selling wedding dresses, Rachel decided to enroll at Austin Community College. She is working on her Associates of Applied Science in Hospitality Management specializing in Meetings and Events.


Rachel is a native to the Austin area and loves living in central Texas! In her free time, she loves reading and spending time with her family.

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