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Industry Consulting

Do you dream of working with weddings and events? Are you trying to break into the Central Texas market? Building a venue and need guidance on design and layout selections? 

My name is Amberley Adams-Thomas, and I am the proud owner of Blue Events & Co.. I have over 13 years of experience in working within the events industry. I graduated from Austin Community College with an AAS in Hospitality specializing in Meetings and Events. Since then I have tried to wear every hat possible in the industry to gain better knowledge of vendor roles and becoming a well educated planner. I worked with venues, catering, rentals, photography, hotels, conventions, and wedding gowns. As an aspiring planner and manager of events, I felt it was important to truly understand my vendors as well as establish healthy relationships.


This all started off as a dream in my head and a fire in my heart. I took a few pages of a handwritten business plan then created Blue Events & Co. It took a lot of trial and error, research, coffee dates, and late nights, but here we are! 


I believe in community over competition. I want to see the Central Texas market grow and thrive. The only way for this to happen is to share experience and knowledge as well as help better each other's small businesses.


If you have that same passion, but feel a little lost, I am happy to help. Whether you are brand new to the industry and are looking at where to start, or you're a seasoned professional wanting to better your business, my consulting services cover the following: 

Business Plans & Goals

Take this idea in your head and put it into action. Make your dream a reality. I'll help you in building your business plan and setting realistic goals. 

Team Management

Managing my team is one of my favorite parts of my job. When I first created Blue Events, my husband told me, "Your biggest obstacle is that there is only one of you. If you want to grow, you're going to need to clone yourself." Obviously that is not possible, so slowly but surely I started letting go of responsibilities and I was able to build a team that I trust. 

Contract & Pricing Education 

When it came to creating a contract from scratch I had no clue what I was doing; so I just researched templates and made what I thought would protect me legally in the case something was to happen. During my first two years in business my contract grew from a few paragraphs to a few pages. All because something happened at an event, and a new term would have to be added. Avoid these mistakes from the get-go and allow me to help educate you on what should be included in a contract. This will protect your business from several legal headaches that can be costly. 

I also spent too long not charging my worth and giving away the milk for free. Learn what to charge as a newbie, and plan out your price increases over the next few years.

Work-Life Balance

A big reason I wanted to be my own boss was to give myself, and our family, more flexibility. I am a wife, mother of two 6-year old boys, business owner, community activist, and manage our "mini farm" at our home. Often, there are not enough hours in the day, but I now know what to do when I begin feeling overwhelmed.  Don't get burnt out before you hit your highest potential. The reward is worth the daily grind. Through trial and error, I've dramatically improved my work-life balance. Mental health should always take priority, and seems to be the first thing to strain when trying to "do it all". I'd love to share my tips and tricks, and assist in building a business model that allows you to live your dream life. 

Vendor Partnerships

You have probably heard, "It's all about who you know". There are no exceptions when it comes to the events industry. Finding solid vendors and partners you can rely on is what will make you successful. After hiring and managing vendors for the last several years I have had the privilege to network and learn from some amazing event professionals. I've seen businesses grow and thrive, as well as others crash and burn. Let me help partner you with those who will make you look good and your events successful. 

Marketing Strategies

Knowing your market and how to stand out is what will bring you business. At the end of the day, you can build this amazing empire, but there will be no income or reward till you are able to market appropriately and bring in qualified leads. 

Scope of Services

One of my mentors, Damon Holditch creator of Marquee Event Rentals, was a so supportive when I made the leap and established Blue Events. He gifted me a letter on my last day working for him, and it is a piece of treasure I hold dear to my heart. One of the best snippets from his letter, "know your trade, and do that one thing the best you can." A baker-bartender-DJ-photographer can't be the best they can be when they're a little bit of everything. Let me help you find your niche and guide you on how to succeed in what makes you uniquely you.  

Business Ethics

A good reputation in the Central Texas market is very important. It will take your business to the next level. We are a tight-nit industry that network together often. All of my vendors are welcoming, accepting, and communicative in sharing their feedback on room for improvement as well as applauding you for doing a job well done. We strive to build each other up, but also know that our clients do not get do-overs. We protect our clients and their special event. Therefor knowing how to conduct business ethically is a must-have to receive referrals and recommendations. Let me educate you on how this industry works, and what those expectations are. 

Site Visit Evaluation 

I have worked in countless venues all over Texas. I've seen what floor plans work, what amenities are the most desired, what vendors need provided, what locations profit the most, what rental rates attract certain clientele, and everything else you can imagine with designing and running a well built venue. As the host for an event, you have a large investment to protect. Imagine letting 200 intoxicated strangers party at your home; you need some structure to make sure everyone is having fun safely and your property will not be damaged beyond repair. I will happily come to your property to conduct a site visit so we can discuss how to build your venue to be the best it can be. 

The investment...

My hourly rate is $150 an hour. Email me at

to schedule your consulting meeting. 

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