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Backyard Weddings

We've had couples tell us, "We should have just had a backyard wedding and saved all this money." In today's blog, we will explain why that is not necessarily true.

The caterer will need to "build" a kitchen on site. This will likely require extra rentals and a prep tent. We can estimate $1,000 for this expense.

Your most basic tent rental will likely cost about $2,000, though our average tent rental is usually closer to $5,000.

  • Luxury tents tend to cost $15,000 or more.

  • Add another $400 - $800 for the tent permits.

You should budget a minimum of $1,500 for Portable restrooms.

A basic dance floor averages to be $1,000

  • You can fully deck your reception space for about $3-$4,000.

Mother nature has her own plans, so you should prepare to have some climate control rentals brought in to bring extra heating or cooling for your guests. Budget $2,000 for this.

Unless your send-off is before sunset, you'll need lighting installed. Budget $1,500 to light your prep spaces, tent, or reception space.

  • This does not include lighting other areas that may be crucial such as parking spaces.

Basic tables and chairs for your ceremony and reception will be needed. There are additional costs for the delivery, set up, and pick up. Budget at least $1,000 for rentals.

Other potential costs you can expect are generators, parking attendants, and additional signage. Keep in mind with weather pending, most vendors also have non-refundable deposits.

So to review, at minimum, to "build" a backyard wedding is about $9,000 but likely more than that, depending on your design vision and additional vendors needed. Unless a backyard wedding is your lifelong dream, booking with an established wedding venue may be your best option!

We hope this gave you some helpful information on backyard wedding costs. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas, information, tips, and tricks to help plan your next event!

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