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Ceremony Tips - Newlyweds + Family

1. Have the Guests Be Seated

  • Remember to add a note in your officiant outline to have the guests be seated.

2. Reserve the First Two Rows

  • Use name tags on the backs of the chairs to reserve seats for VIP guests. Make sure you include anyone walking down in the processional to ensure their seat is saved.

    • Ceremony name tags are an included service with Blue Events packages.

3. Switching Sides

  • Traditionally the bride will stand on the left and the groom on the right. If you have those first two rows reserved for your family members, it can be a good idea to swap those families' sides. That way, her family will look directly into her face rather than the side or back of her head, and his family can do the same.

4. Lapel Mic

  • Always get a lapel mic. It will look much better in photos than a mic stand.

5. Ring Ceremony

  • Hold the ring halfway until the officiant is finished talking, then place the ring entirely on the finger. This will give the photographer plenty of opportunities to get the perfect ring-placing shot.

6. Unity Ceremony

  • Set it up so that the crowd can see your face. This may require you to walk around a table or position an easel in a certain way.

7. Wait for the First Kiss

  • Wait for your officiant to move to the side, so they are not photobombing your first kiss photo.

8. Ceremony Exit Kiss

  • Once you get halfway up the aisle or to the end, go in for a second kiss. This makes for a great photo!

We hope this gave you some helpful tips for your wedding ceremony. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas, information, tips, and tricks to help plan your next event!

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