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5 Venue Shopping Tips

1. Cost

The total cost of your venue rental should not exceed 20% of your overall budget. Otherwise you may not have enough funds for the remaining necessary vendors for your big day. Review venue related costs like Security, Cleaning Fees, Setup and Insurance requirements as well.

2. In House Food and Beverage

In house food and beverage can be convenient, but could be more costly. Review pricing and policies of in-house vendors. Compare them to outside vendors before committing to a venue rental that includes these services.

3. Preferred Vendor List

Be sure to review your venue's preferred vendor list. Ask if the vendors on that list are recommendations, or if you must choose your wedding team from that list. It is OK to have to select from a venue's preferred vendor list! It means your vendors will have experience with the venue's rules and regulations. However, you should investigate their pricing, reviews, and included services before making a final decision on the venue.

4. In-house Coordination

An in-house coordinator doesn’t replace the need for a personal Wedding Planner or Event Manager. Their scope of work may not be as comprehensive as you’re needing. Their processes and style could also differ vastly from what would fit your event and personality best.

5. Spaces

Rainy days happen! Make sure your venue has a Plan B that you love. Pick a venue that fits your vision in every space for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

We hope you learned some helpful tips for shopping for your perfect venue! Check back in or subscribe for more ideas and information to help plan your next event!

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