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4 Wedding Traditions to Break

It’s 2022! Traditions from your parents and grandparents' weddings are becoming less and less common. Here are 4 wedding traditions you can break without feeling guilty.

1. Tiered Wedding Cake

Instead incorporate Donuts, Pies, Churros, an Ice cream bar or whatever makes you happy! You can still have a small cutting cake to make older relatives happy and incorporate a bit of tradition.

2. Large Ceremonies and Events

Have a small wedding with your closest friends and family instead of inviting everyone you know. Small weddings have become significantly more popular in recent years, for good reason! A smaller guest count provides an intimate experience that allows you to be more present in this special moment with each other.

3. White gowns (or just gowns in general!) and bridesmaid dresses

Gray, champagne, and blush are beautiful alternative colors to your traditional white or ivory outfits. Don’t be afraid to wear something unique and creative to your personality like Convertible Dresses, Jumpsuits, Suits, Mini Dresses etc.!

4. Having a bridal party

You love all your friends equally! Why put yourself in the uncomfortable situation of picking favorites? You can still invite them to get ready and have fun before the ceremony! We see couples without bridal parties are typically less stressed with personal matters and the ceremony is truly focused on the love between the couple.

We hope this helped and that you learned some ideas and alternatives to standard wedding traditions. Check back in or subscribe for more ideas and information to help plan your next event!

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